Video: Working within the system

Area Manager, Ravi, shares his experiences working with a state university in UP
By Medha
5th May, 2017

We recently sat down with Gorakhpur Area Manager, Ravi, to discuss the opportunities and challenges of working within the public sector education system.

With a long-term vision to mainstream our work within the system, some of the most frequent questions we get asked are ‘what are the challenges you face on a local level? is it really possible to create/accelerate change? why would you do this if it’s so difficult?’

We thought the best way to address some of these questions would be to go straight to the source – our Area Managers in the field working with principals, vice chancellors, training and placement officers, and professors everyday to integrate the Medha program and approach into their institutions. We hope the learnings are useful for others around the country working to create systems change! 

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© 2024 Medha, all rights reserved.