AfID Volunteer Bridget joins the team

Bridget Connally volunteers in accounting department
By Medha
3rd January, 2015

Bridget grew up in country Australia and now resides in Melbourne. She works as a Consultant in accounting, specializing in tax, at PwC Australia and through 2014 was also working at a health food company, which has 8 stores throughout Melbourne. She is interested in travel and reading. Before coming to Lucknow, Bridget travelled to Vietnam and will head to Bali, Indonesia before returning to Australia in February, where she will continue working with PwC and studying for her Chartered Accountants exam.

Bridget will be spending the month of January with Medha, conducting an audit of our accounting and tax systems. We are extremely appreciative and thankful to Bridget for volunteering her time with us and AfID for arranging her stay.

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© 2024 Medha, all rights reserved.