Dream Big: Strategies for Achieving Your Goals 

Believe in the power of dreams, plan diligently, act with purpose, and never stop learning to find fulfillment.
16th April, 2024

Remember those days when we were kids, and our dreams were as big as the sky? We would dream of being astronauts, doctors, or rock stars, and nothing could stop us. As children, our dreams were so boundless!  

I remember telling my mother that I wanted to own a trolley of popsicles, and she told me if I believed in achieving that, I would one day own one. Funny, right? We’ve all had such big, naive dreams and even believed in attaining them for the longest time.  

But as we grow older, our childhood dreams and aspirations fade away. We lose the zeal to chase them. We give up hope and start believing in our dreams a little less, but isn’t it sad? 

The real question is, why does this happen? Well, life happens! We face challenges and failures that make us see dreams as unattainable, unrealistic, and useless. So, instead of adjusting our lives to fit our dreams, we change our dreams to fit our lives.  

It’s a tricky balancing act to hold onto our hopes and dreams while also dealing with the realities of life. But what if we dared to dream big again despite all the difficulties? What if we decided to rewrite the script and make our dreams work for us instead of the other way around? Well, that’s what we are here for!  

This blog is here to remind you of those big dreams you once had and to encourage you to dream even bigger! It will help you navigate life’s challenges and setbacks while holding onto your dreams. So, read ahead, and let us ignite a fire in you to chase after those impossible dreams and never give up, no matter what life throws at you! 

Dream: Power of Thoughts 

The first step in a journey of big dreams and hopes is acquiring the courage to have those dreams. To dream is to breathe life and to paint the canvas of your future with the colors of your imagination. Your dreams are not mere flights of fancy; they are the blueprints of the life you yearn to live.  

Dreams are the seeds of inspiration, the sparks that ignite the fire of ambition within us. They give us purpose, something to strive for, something to wake up excited about every morning. Without dreams, our life would be a monotonous journey without direction or meaning.  

They are the fuel that drives us forward, even in adversity. Due to this, we often start using dreams as an escape from the harsh realities of life. However, our dreams and thoughts hold so much more power.  

But are these dreams going to be fulfilled themselves? No, right? Let’s read ahead to find out what, apart from the zeal of dreaming big, is required to fulfill our dreams! 

Believe: Trust the Process  

Now that you have a dream embrace it with an unshaken belief. When you believe in your dreams, you ignite a powerful force that propels you toward their fulfillment. Believe that they are not just figments of your imagination but glimpses of what is truly possible.  

Remember, if you don’t trust your dream, nobody will. The Law of Attraction helps us understand the significance and power of our thoughts and beliefs. It states that our thoughts and beliefs powerfully influence what we attract into our lives. 

As life coach and author Michael Neill beautifully said, “The thoughts we choose to dwell on, not the passing ones, shape our lives. It becomes more real and powerful over time by giving attention to a thought.” 

Let me tell you about Nisha, our alumni from Gorakhpur, who dreamed of studying but was married off at a young age against her will. She struggled with an abusive relationship with her in-laws and husband.  

However, Nisha’s story takes a turn when she separates from them and starts working with Seva Mandir in Udaipur. Interestingly, Udaipur has always been her favorite city, and she dreamt of coming here for the past ten years. The universe answered her prayers and efforts by making it her workplace, where she thoroughly enjoys and finds fulfillment.  

Despite her hardships, Nisha’s story is a reminder that no dream is too big and no obstacle too significant to overcome. 

Plan: Path to Success 

Dreams without a plan are just wishes. Planning is the bridge that turns your dreams into achievable goals. It’s about breaking down your big dream into actionable steps that move you closer to your vision.

Set specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound (SMART) goals. These goals act as signposts, guiding you toward your dream. Create a roadmap that outlines each step you need to take and include deadlines to hold yourself accountable. 

But planning isn’t just about setting goals; it’s also about anticipating and preparing for obstacles. Identify potential challenges that may arise and brainstorm solutions. This proactive approach will help you stay on track, even when faced with setbacks. 

Remember, plans are not stone carvings. Be flexible and willing to adjust your plan as needed. Life is unpredictable, and sometimes, you may need to detour. The key is to stay focused on your ultimate goal and be willing to adapt your plan to overcome any obstacles that stand in your way. 

Act: Turn Vision into Action 

So now we have a dream, firm belief, and a meticulous plan to achieve it; let’s understand how to implement those plans by taking the right actions. We may draft multiple imaginary plans, but only our efforts and actions nurture and bring our dreams to fruition. Taking the right actions at the right time is crucial in turning our dreams into reality.  

It’s about more than just wishing for something; it’s about taking deliberate steps towards achieving it. Every action we take is a brick laid on the path to our dreams. Whether applying for that job role, making that critical phone call, giving that crucial presentation, or putting in extra work hours, each action propels us closer to our goal. 

The key is to stay focused and motivated, even when faced with challenges. Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day, nor will your dreams. But perseverance and determination can overcome obstacles and turn your dreams into reality. So, take that first step, and let your actions speak louder than your words. 

Learn: Embrace Failure as Growth  

Sometimes, life will greet you with failure, no matter how great your dream was or how carefully you planned and took action to achieve it. Failure is an inevitable part of a dreamer’s journey. However, one must remember that failure is not the end of the road; it’s a stepping stone to success.  

J.K. Rowling‘s journey to success is a classic example of how not to lose hope despite multiple failures. Before Harry Potter became a global phenomenon, Rowling’s manuscript was rejected by twelve publications before it finally got a green light from one publisher in 1996. Despite these initial setbacks, Rowling did not give up on her dream.  

She embraced failure as a learning opportunity, using each rejection as motivation to improve her craft. Her perseverance paid off, and by 2004, according to Forbes, Rowling had become the first author to become a billionaire through book writing. Rowling’s story teaches us that failure is not a sign of defeat; it’s a chance to learn and grow.  

Every setback is an opportunity to reassess, refine, and come back stronger. By embracing failure and learning from it, we can turn our setbacks into stepping stones that lead us closer to our dreams. 

Fulfillment: Bridging Dream to Reality 

Turning dreams into reality is not just about sweet imagination; it’s about taking concrete steps towards your goals. It’s about believing in yourself even when others doubt you, planning meticulously and taking bold action. Failure is not a roadblock but a detour leading to unexpected success. 

As you embark on your journey of dreaming big, remember the stories of those who have gone before you. Here is a list of 48 famous failures that will inspire you and give you the courage to dream big! So, dear dreamers, keep pushing forward; one day, you’ll realize that all your dreams have transformed beautifully into reality!

© 2024 Medha, all rights reserved.
© 2024 Medha, all rights reserved.