When you’re starting something new,
it’s natural to get a little overwhelmed

You’re a student exploring a career no one in your family has heard of. Or a non-profit meeting the changing aspirations of your community on the ground. Doing something new means getting comfortable with unanswered questions as you find a way ahead.

Is this the right
career choice
for me?
Is my team
aligned with
our vision?
Will a new
program be
accepted on
the ground?
Will the system
challenge itself
enough to change?

You make mistakes, miss opportunities,
and begin to feel lost




As you explore and experiment, you reach a point of overwhelm - miss the deadline for a dream internship, face a stubborn team grievance, or give a pitch that didn’t break through. All failed experiments pile up to make you wonder, are you moving in the right direction?

But when you realize you don't have to go alone,
things become a little easy

This quarter, many of us in the Medha team and community pushed our limits to try something new – a big project from scratch or a job in a new city. Youth challenged stifling norms to move forward in life. And instrumental to all that change was the support of like-minded peers and mentors.

We grew as a bigger, better, and stronger team of 150 change agents

We joined forces in advancing women's careers, agribusiness, and vocational ed

Our youth community fought hard to start 641 jobs and internships

You open up to seeking help
and making allies

We kicked off the quarter with Uttarayan - our first off-site since the pandemic. We met as an org that's grown twice in size: with new faces, new thinking, and a call to grow as one.

You can't instill openness with words; you must live it.

Co-created by all departments, Uttarayan gave space to our rarely seen sides: a (usually reserved) leader grooving to Safar or a young employee emerging as a leader-in-action. It helped us bridge the varying perspectives of new and old Medha while experiencing one of our core values: openness.

You draw courage from your community
to take bolder chances

Don't let a valuable
idea die down

Peers’ resonance with Osmosis (an action-led working group) pushed us through the challenges of initiating collective action, to advance opportunities for young women.

Turn apathy into
meaningful action

When instructors recognized their power to change things and students became advocates, we knew we were on track to scale DST (Dual System Training) program in Haryana.

Learn by experience,
not just expertise

In a first, we pulled off Agriscape (an agribusiness idea competition) with 9 colleges for students to compete, learn, and get the confidence to pitch their ideas anywhere.

And no matter the obstacle,
you stay focused on the bigger picture

When Kajal secured a job as an FEA facilitator, moving to a different state for a 40-day training was new and challenging, "I had never lived alone. I couldn't sleep for the first 15 days and got so disheartened that I wanted to quit."

But getting to the training hadn't been easy, either - Kajal's father had been reluctant about it and had changed his mind after Medha’s counseling. She knew that in pursuing her interest, especially as a woman who faces different biases, she must give her best.

"If you want to achieve anything, let go of your fear."

So when her peers motivated her to push further, Kajal completed her training as the batch’s third highest-scorer. Back home, she joined a nearby FEA center as a top-performing facilitator, admired by her village.

So that even though you're still 'figuring it out,'
you are giving your best

The feeling that you're still figuring things out is here to stay. But with like-minded support, a greater resolve, and a clearer vision, you push yourself to see your dreams and ambitions through in the best way possible.

Workshops with 354 system actors in this quarter will potentially impact 58,500 youth in the system

2,100 young people joined bootcamps to build 21st century, business, and freelancing skills

Our alumni association grew 2X YoY to 4,880 Medhavis (and celebrated their first anniversary!)

Because you've found a village and a vision
to realize a shared dream

At an alumni platform for alternate careers, one of the speakers, Sakshi,
mentioned how she’s facing financial issues to pursue her nail art business.

That’s when another Medhavi stood up from the audience and decided to fund her business
– a reminder of what’s possible when you have a vision and a village that believes in it.

© 2024 Medha, all rights reserved.
© 2024 Medha, all rights reserved.