Maharaja Bijli Pasi Graduation Event

24 students graduated from the Medha program today at Maharaja Bijli Pasi College
By Medha
13th February, 2014


The graduation ceremony for Medha students at Maharaja Bijli Pasi Govt Degree College was held today amid a jam-packed auditorium with over 200 students and guests. The chief guest was Principal Secretary, Vocational Education, Mr Alok Kumar, who gave away the Medha certificates to students and delivered a powerful speech on the current unemployability crisis in India. Local employers where Medha students completed their internships were also present, and announced seven pre-placement offers to students who were graduating.

The graduation ceremony caught the attention of not just the local and regional media that covered it extensively, but also a few large, national newspapers!

Congratulations to all the graduating students. It was our privilege to work with you this last year and we wish you the best of luck in the future!

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© 2024 Medha, all rights reserved.