Medha students intern with social business

Shrishti and Tripti learn the ins and outs of social entrepreneurship
By Medha
31st May, 2017

Two of our alumni, Shrishti and Tripti, spent their summer break interning at Pollinate Energy – a social enterprise that brings life changing products to people living in low income communities. As a part of their internship, they worked on product testing, customer research, and marketing strategies for reaching the urban poor.

Shrishti, a B.Com student, said she learned a great deal about the financial viability of running a ‘social business,’ and working with low-income customers. Her experience has motivated her to pursue an MBA in finance after she graduates. Tripti was excited about the opportunity to engage with young professionals from all over the world, “I have never worked with people from such varied backgrounds, I wish the fellowship had been longer.”

We hope our partnership with Pollinate grows with time and more of our alumni get a chance to have similar enriching experiences.

Tripti Yadav & Srishti Yadav with other Pollinate Fellows



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© 2024 Medha, all rights reserved.