Model for scale with technical education

Integration with government polytechnic serves as a model for replication across the state
By Medha
19th September, 2017

In 2015, we signed an agreement with the Department of Technical Education to pilot our program across five polytechnics in Uttar Pradesh. Since then, we have trained over 1,400 students from 10 different engineering streams, successfully securing internship and full-time placement opportunities for over 400. Based on this success, we are proud to report that we have signed a MoU with Lucknow Polytechnic (LPL) to fully integrate our program on their campus.

Each year, LPL will pay Medha to deliver our three flagship courses – Life Skills Advancement Bootcamp (LAB), Career Advancement Bootcamp (CAB), and Technology Advancement Bootcamp (TAB) to up to 500 students. This is a significant breakthrough for the organization, as it marks the first mainstreaming of our program at a government institution in which they are paying us directly to deliver our program.

At the same time, this is just a step on the path to get our program and approach integrated across the entire higher education system here in UP. With this model center and agreement, we plan to take this back to the government and replicate it across all 150 government and government-aided polytechnics in the state, collectively serving over 35,000 students a year!

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© 2024 Medha, all rights reserved.