Bank of America supports work with adolescent girls

Partnership to provide employability and life skills for 1,200 young girls and boys
By Medha
30th March, 2017

As part of their increasing investment in employability for adolescent girls, Bank of America has partnered with Medha to impart employability education to 1,200 girls and boys across five Medha Career Services Centers in Uttar Pradesh. Medha will be working to improve employment, employability, and life skills through 100hrs of in-and-out of classroom activities, as well as 100hrs of on-the-job training (internship).

In addition to Medha’s direct operations and expansion, BofA’s support will contribute to Medha building greater systems and capabilities for broader scale and impact, and overall monitoring and evaluation of the program and its intended outcomes.

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© 2024 Medha, all rights reserved.