Give it your all: Harshit

A motivated and passionate student, Harshit has put himself on the path to scientific greatness.
1st December, 2019

Harshit has always had a special interest in Life Sciences but he wasn’t sure of its scope, didn’t know of the colleges that offered courses in it or if he had the potential to get into any of these colleges.

Despite these uncertainties, studying science was such a motivation for him that he went on to pursue his post-graduation in the subject.

“Experimenting to see what works and what fails is what keeps me engaged.”

“When I was pursuing my first year of post-graduation, I enrolled in Medha as it came with a promise of exposure through new and exciting opportunities.”

Apart from bagging his first internship opportunity, Harshit also got selected for the 7th season of Rubaru, Medha’s experiential learning journey.

“Rubaru expanded my horizon. I specifically learned a lot about leadership and workplace ethics during the journey.”

Recently, Harshit participated in the International Conference on Advances in Biological and Environmental Research for Human Welfare and was awarded for his project on ‘Immobilization of Enzymes’.

Harshit has been an exemplary student all his life and has been winning awards for science projects since he was in school. 

Currently, in his final year of MSc, Harshit wants to do a Ph.D. in Life Sciences and become a scientist.

“Science has given me a lot. It’s my turn now.”

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© 2024 Medha, all rights reserved.