"Medha Career Chaupal" alumni event in Barabanki

Medha alumni and industry professionals gathered to share experiences and learn about new opportunities
By Medha
20th February, 2017

Medha organized an alumni event in Barabanki on Feb 10th which brought together students from Munshi Raghunandan Prasad Sardar Patel Post Graduate Degree College and the Government Polytechnic. We organized the event into four different chaupals, or discussions groups, where they heard from industry professionals. Mr. Talha Kidwai, CEO of Sigma consultancy, spoke about his experiences in the health care sector; Mr. Ambrish Singh, CEO of Pahal NGO, shared his thoughts on the social sector; Mr. Furkaan, a small business owner, spoke about entrepreneurship; and Mr. Amit Sharma, Manager of V-mart, talked about the growing organized retail sector.

The alumni asked engaging and informed questions to the speakers and learned about new opportunities within each industry. Medha alumni also shared their own experiences in the workplace after leaving college. They reflected on their time in Medha’s program and how it helped them in their current positions. It was a lively event with over eighty alumni present. Medha is incredibly happy with the development of our programs in Barabanki and all of our successful Medha alumni.

“This social sector chaupal was great because it helped me find some solutions to my problems and my confidence level has increased.”

– Chhaya Awasthi

We look forward to holding another Career Chaupal for our alumni soon!






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© 2024 Medha, all rights reserved.