Strong growth and impact in Sitapur town

Medha placed 100% of students into internships within two months in Sitapur
By Medha
15th January, 2017

In Sitapur, outreach and impact is steadily growing and Medha has placed 100% of students into internships within two months.

After completing six batches of more than 100 students in Mahmudabad, the Sitapur district team traveled 80kms to Sitapur town to start our work there. It didn’t take them long to get things up and running, enrolling 150 students in less than two months across three educational institutions.

We have seen an overwhelming amount of enthusiasm and energy from the young women in Sitapur, with a <10% drop-out rate, and 100% commitment to internships. Of the 30 students who have completed CAB thus far, 18 of them have already started their internships, and the remaining students will start in February and March. They demonstrated incredible determination, getting internship permission forms signed by their parents in the first month. We are expecting to certify over 170 students in Sitapur by the end of March, and place at least 70% into internships and full-time opportunities.

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© 2024 Medha, all rights reserved.