“Building” a career of her dreams

Neelam's pursuit of taking her career to new heights to become a global leader!
7th January, 2020

“It was during my childhood that every time I used to visit my grandmother’s place, I would notice this particular under-construction building and be fascinated by it. That is how I first got to know of civil engineering.”

People told her that civil engineering wasn’t a very common and suitable career choice for women. 

“But that only made me want to pursue it even more!, Neelam exclaims.   

Neelam was already pursuing a Diploma in Civil Engineering when she enrolled herself into Medha’s Lifeskills Advancement Bootcamp. Although she always knew that she had potential, she felt the need to strengthen her self-belief to be able to go after her dreams! 

Neelam recently completed her Diploma, she thoroughly enjoyed it and is in fact still as fascinated by buildings as she was as a child! 

“15 years from now, I see myself as the strongest version of myself!” 

Neelam soon joins TATA Plants in Lucknow for her first apprenticeship! 

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© 2024 Medha, all rights reserved.