Creating Change by Educating Educators

We recently partnered with Udhyam Learning Foundation to kick off a state-wide project in Haryana!
2nd January, 2020

Medha works towards better preparing youth for life after school. Did you know that we are also actively involved in improving the quality of educators, too?

In October and November, Medha partnered with Udhyam to deliver two four-day professional development workshops in Haryana. The workshops were attended by fifty-four instructors from government Industrial Training Institutes (ITI) in the state. The purpose was to instruct the trainers in the revised employability skills curriculum published by the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, with significant input from the Medha knowledge team.

Sessions were conducted on topics such as teaching via facilitation, experiential learning, problem-solving, lesson planning, English literacy, and IT literacy. Participants also brainstormed creative ways to engage and motivate students. One ITI instructor noted, “I wish I had learned this a long time ago.”

Facilitators were happy to observe high energy and receptivity from attendees. Active participation is key to learning, and we hope they will bring these positive attitudes into their classrooms along with the new concepts and strategies. This is only the beginning, as Medha and Udhyam will provide these instructors with ongoing support for one year. 

Sanjiv Sharma, the Joint Director for Placements and Apprenticeships in the Department of Skill Development and Industrial Training for the Government of Haryana, commented on the need for this type of training program: “Technology is changing very fast…We should be upgrading our training system in ITIs at a faster pace to match the market demand.” He expects that incoming students will be the true beneficiaries of the newly trained instructors and “their employability will certainly improve.”

Medha is looking forward to working alongside Udhyam and would like to thank the Haryana Government for their support.

When we work together to improve the delivery of employability skills, anything is possible!

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© 2024 Medha, all rights reserved.