Students step into work from home zone

Preparing and seeing students take up work, internships and e-learning opportunities from home during the lockdown.
By Medha
23rd June, 2020

While settling into “the new normal” was a challenge, it also has given us the motivation to work on ourselves, make the most of the time that we have, look into the future, and be prepared for what’s coming. The last month looked like a lot of yearning, learning, and unlearning packed into one! 

Let us walk you through it:  

1) Medha WoxTalks truly shine 

Medha’s WoxTalks (Workplace Exposure Talks) stood out during the last month. A WoxTalk is where an industry expert interacts with our students from a specific area, college, and background and talks to them about a topic that they hold expertise in, followed by a live Q&A session.

WoxTalks like ‘Entrepreneurship Opportunities post Covid-19‘ and ‘Managing Time and Skills During a Crisis and Staying Motivated’ did extremely well. They reached out to over 4k people, while the total reach of the WoxTalks is 8k and counting!

From a marketing professional to a contemporary artist, the topics and the backgrounds of the experts leading the WoxTalks were diverse and gave us all many insights! 

2) Students prepare to work from home

When home becomes your workplace and your mobile screen, your classroom, time, and effort management become rather tricky. 

Teams across Haryana, UP, and Bihar began preparing students to look for e-learning opportunities, internships, and jobs that allow them to work from home. They also conducted sessions like ‘Manage your Screen Time’ and ‘Understanding work-from-home Etiquettes’ to assist students in taking their studies and work routines just as seriously as they usually would.

Team Haryana and Patna began working on a special ‘One-on-One Counseling’ project with the students’ emotional and professional stability in focus. They initiated the first phase of the project in both the states where students started sharing their fears and aspirations and the questions they need answers to the most.

3) Students dive right into the working from home

The Student Relationship Managers connected the students to various e-learning opportunities, and many students completed internships and took up jobs in content writing, design, finance, and digital marketing. 

Sanjana, an alumna from Patna, began her internship with Lantern Edusports Foundation and Shivansh and alumni from Prayagraj, has been keeping himself busy in not one, but three work from home part-time internships!

“I have wanted to explore various sectors in different roles, and this period gave me the time to think and work on that. Each internship needs me to put in 2 hours every day, and I’ve segregated them well by now. The internships are also teaching me how to manage my time and efforts!” he said. 

4) Alumni Community takes over social media with #GharBaitheSeekho  

Encouraging learning new skills, taking up courses while sitting at home, team alumni began a campaign, #GharBaitheSeekho, to enforce the power of community. 

The campaign has been a rage and reached out to 1.5k students. Many students from across regions shared their videos and pictures of working from home, motivating many others like them to step up and go for e-learning opportunities! 

Vidhi, an alumna from Sunbeam College for Women, Varanasi, participated in the campaign, and her video was a hit! She has been utilizing her time in taking and delivering Yoga classes online. Vidhi also shares easy exercise videos and health tips with the rest of our alumni community to help them stay fit.

Not only will staying fit help us fight viruses but also keep us happy and at peace. Our mental and physical wellbeing are interconnected.”, she said. 

The last few months have allowed us to look at what we do and how we do it from a different lens, challenging us to be better every day. 

Yes, the times, they are a-changin’ but as are we! 

© 2024 Medha, all rights reserved.
© 2024 Medha, all rights reserved.