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Introducing new initiatives and strengthening the old ones during the lockdown
By Medha
8th June, 2020

The pandemic and the lifestyle changes that came with it were sudden, and March did feel a bit overwhelming, but the last month gave us more time and perspective. We adapted to what everyone’s calling “the new normal,” took up new initiatives and strengthened the older ones.  

Here’s what we’ve been up to: 

1) Upping our TikTok game
#MedhaKeSipahi (Medha’s soldiers) – a TikTok campaign to spread awareness around COVID prevention and safety. More than 166k views of the 160 videos created by students and alumni in just one week!

 2) Making the most out of every situation
The recently introduced ‘Best Out of Waste’ sessions led by our Student Relationship Managers have managed to help many students make masks at home for themselves and their families. They conducted multiple sessions on COVID awareness, learning from the past, empathy, and effective communication across all our regions. 1000+ students actively participated in these sessions, making them a success! 

3) Connecting with the ‘community’
#DilSeJudo (Let your heart connect) – an alumni-led Instagram campaign to stay connected and support one another. More than 3,200 members of our alumni Facebook group and 5,500 alumni across WhatsApp groups have joined in to share stories, poetry, original songs, artwork, and hundreds of other positive ways to overcome the stress and anxiety of the current times.

4) Recognizing the heroes that our alumni are
Many students are doing their bit by leading donation drives of food packets and masks. We premiered a ‘Meri Medha’ film on one such alumnus, Ainan. This was followed by a live Q&A session with him, where he spoke about how he continues with his community service project to feed the hungry even during such trying times. Over 500 people participated in the program.

5) E-connecting with our Employer Partners
We also conducted our first virtual employer roundtable, with over 75 participants from various sectors. The roundtable focused on discussing the probable impact of Covid-19 on the job market, how companies are prepping themselves up accordingly, and what students can do to be ready and excel in the coming days. Learning from the roundtable insights, we’ve been motivating students to prepare themselves for work-from-home opportunities.

The strength of our team and our students’ potential, like always, have kept us going with as much vigor. Here’s to being ‘tough’ enough to get going when the going gets tough, together! 

© 2024 Medha, all rights reserved.
© 2024 Medha, all rights reserved.