RuBaRu season 6 – Creating safe spaces

26 alumni traveled to Uttarakhand, where they not only built their network and lifeskills, but also formed a safe space for each other!
By Medha
2nd July, 2020

“The stars above us, the wind around us and all of us together in this—this whole situation felt like a new dimension in time altogether, where we could be just ourselves. And unapologetically.”

– Akanksha, alumni

Medha’s Team Alumni Relations aims to keep our alumni connected and in touch with endless opportunities to grow! 

 And the RuBaRu journey is something that most of our alumni await. 

 What sets the journey apart is its focus on creating safe spaces for our alumni. These safe spaces are where our alumni can express themselves, laugh their hearts out, build on their ideas, and grow together without any fear of judgment. 

 RuBaRu Season 6 was indeed a special one!

The season took 26 alumni to Uttarakhand, where they resided amidst hills. The season was curated following the ‘heart over mind’ way of life. 

 The industry experts for this particular season were from the development sector who have taken charge of their lives keeping wellness and arts at the center were an essential part of the journey. 

 The first activity was ‘Shramdaan,’ where our alumni engaged with the local families from Kumaoni villages. They were paired with families and were to help them out in their household chores. 

 “I enjoyed every minute spent with them. We also shared our experiences with everyone later in the evening, and every story touched us.” 

– Vedant, alumni

The next day was about fitness and wellbeing. Our alumni began their day with a trek, followed by some rock climbing with Mr. Rahul, a sports enthusiast, and fitness expert, who extensively helped us plan this season of RuBaRu.

 Everyone then indulged in a beautiful session of mindfulness and creativity led by Ms. Antara, a Mandala Art expert. Mandala art helps you connect with yourself better, express yourself through art, and calm you down.  

 “I am not essentially the artist type. But I didn’t realize I spent over an hour with my Mandala palette. I explored emotions I had been in denial of for a while.” – Pragyesh, alumni. 

One of the highlights of this trip was the star gazing activity. 

How often do we do this? Our lives get so busy, we often complicate everything, but rarely do we sit back and appreciate the simple things; like the universe, the beautiful sky up there that’s always available for us to gaze at and find answers in. 

 “We had to simply pick our favorite spot at our campsite and.. just be.”

-Tanya, alumni

The activity left everyone quiet. No conversations happened amongst the alumni for a while.. maybe they were finally having conversations with themselves.  

 That night the alumni had to cook for everyone and in teams. Dinner was had sitting by the bonfire, followed by heart to heart conversations. Everyone looked back onto their journeys, of RuBaRu and their lives. They were now one big family, who they were not hesitant about sharing their deepest fears, secrets, and wishes with. 

It was now their safe space, space they were taking back home together in the form of friendships, connections, and mentors, a space that they could always crawl back into whenever they feel the need to open up, to realize, to feel.  

 The night was adorned with laughs, tears, promises made to each other to themselves. The stars shone brighter that night as if everyone had taken a little trip to the moon land together.  

 “Through all these activities, we’d formed a support group with people who we can always go to, with anything. And that’s precious!”

– Addhaya, alumni 

© 2024 Medha, all rights reserved.
© 2024 Medha, all rights reserved.