Medha organizes Hinglish2English workshop

Hinglish2English - a community event for families to build basic English skills
By Medha
18th April, 2016




On April 10th, Medha organised Hinglish2Englisha local, community-focused workshop on spoken English. Over 30 participants from the local neighborhood around the office (New Hyderabad) joined us for some good ole’ family fun, with a little bit of English training thrown in.

We held the workshop to 1) bring local families together to learn something new and useful in their everyday lives, 2) spread greater awareness about our experiential learning methodologies and approach, and 3) get to know our neighbors better!

The four-hour workshop included various learning activities aimed at building vocabulary and speaking skills, such as word games, music and media quizzes, and story-telling. It was great to see young and old interacting, learning, and having fun together, bound by their shared interest in improving their English.

One of the participants, Mrs. Mamta Srivastava said, “My 12 years old daughter has struggled speaking English because we are not able to speak it at home. I am hoping that if I join Medha’s spoken English course it will help her keep up with her classmates.”

At the culmination of the workshop, we announced our upcoming Medha Spoken English summer camp starting on April 18th.

Below are some additional pictures from the event:

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© 2024 Medha, all rights reserved.